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David Dattani, R.PH.    ·    Phone: (800) 439-6469    ·    Fax: (866) 357-9898

You know how different the needs of long term care patients can be. At Prime Care LTC, we understand those differences. We specialize in fufilling the pharmaceutical needs of long term care facilities.

As your long term care pharmacy provider, we will help you find and implement approaches to care that will heighten quality care, give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on your patients.

Prime Care LTC is a solid, professional pharmacy practice. We concentrate on the basics—accurate dispensing, clinical oversight and responsive, personal service. Please contact us today to see how we may serve you and your patients.

If you want....
Personalized service from your pharmacy provider
Competitive pricing for your clients
Better communication with your phamacy specialists
No more guesswork in dosage adjustments

Error-free medication passes
Safety and ease in administering medication
Tamper evident system with exceptional checks and balances
Decrease recording of medication with less duplication

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Peace of mind and quality time with your patients

Then let us serve you and your clients as your personal pharmacy provider.

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