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The Opus System

As a care giver, you know medication passes are the most time-consuming and difficult part of your day. Now you can spend less time on med passes and guarantee zero errors.

Prime Care LTC provides the OPUS Unit Dose System for maximum safety, accuracy and efficiency at the facility.

OPUS organizes meds through a simple system that puts each resident's daily doses at your fingertips. OPUS saves you time by eliminating the need to search through punch cards or pill bottles. Cassettes are approved by independent labs as airtight.

No more valuable time is wasted re-ordering solid oral meds. All of the OPUS UNIT DOSE systems operated on an automatic reorder cycle between Prime Care LTC and the care facility.

How it works....

After reading the med sheet, the nurse will find the appropriate meds in the front of the bin. No more searching for the correct meds.

Medication is removed from the cassette by simply pulling up on the lid. No more problems with punching the pills out of containers or attempting to get one pill from a bottle of thirty.

After administration is complete, the cassettes are rotated to the rear of the bin. This not only sets the meds up for the next pass but also allows for a two minute visual check of the cart at the end of the med pass to determine if any meds have been missed.

Color Coded Time Frames
Pink = 7am-10am
Yellow = 11am - 1pm
Green = 2pm - 4pm
Orange = 5pm - 7pm
Gray = 8pm - 10pm
Purple = 11pm - 6am
Red = PRN Meds
Blue = Count Drugs
Cassette Systems Available

One-week supply for the greatest control and versatility.


Medication is delivered every two weeks according to your selected exchange day.


Medication is delivered twice monthly. Date to be administered is stamped on the cassette.


When a monthly system is desired, the date to be administered is stamped on the cassette

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